The Advantages of Data & AI in Real Estate

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Artificial Intelligence is probably going to be the defining moment of this century. It’s impact now spans across a wide range of areas from business to medical applications where it continues to change the face of the industry. Real estate is one area where the impact of artificial intelligence and big data analytics continues to […]

How to Become a Power BI Expert

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Power BI by Microsoft is an industry standard tool for business intelligence, and as such, proficiency in this program opens a lot of doors for people seeking to work in data analysis. Highly successful corporations such as Toyota, Adobe and Coca-Cola are thought to use Power BI in their business strategies. As one of the […]

Data Analytics Companies vs Freelancers

Data Analysts

When a business looks for help with their data, they often have a goal in mind, but are not sure what needs to be done to reach it. For example, a new retail start-up may want to find out who is talking about their company on social media, and whether this interest translates into sales. […]

Big Data Challenges and How To Overcome Them

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Big data is an industry that is growing at huge speed, with the amount of information stored in IT systems doubling every two years, and worldwide servers estimated to hold 44 zettabytes of information, enough to fill a stack of iPads reaching to the moon and back over 6 times. This makes it one of the most exciting times to be in data analysis and related fields, but there are undeniably significant challenges ahead as well.

What Does a Data Analyst Do?

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Data Analysts are the detectives of the data world, obtaining meaningful insights from the stacks of data that anyone can build, but few can comprehend. Similar to scientific research, data is gathered (or mined) and the scientist (or analyst) then puts these findings into context for us. In a nutshell, data analysts organise reams of information in order to observe patterns and analyse trends that are specific to your company — but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Top 7 Business Intelligence Platforms in 2021

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Gartner has produced a list of its current top recommendations for analytics and business intelligence platforms – technologies that help businesses gather, understand, and visualize their data. These platforms serve as the backbone of a company’s business intelligence strategy, using data to make better decisions. Here are Gartner’s top 7 best analytics and business intelligence platforms in 2021.

eCommerce Analytics

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Customer is king and if you know what they need, you have a loyal customer right there! That is why eCommerce analytics is used by all major eCommerce industries and is a key component of digital transformation of businesses. It’s a process of gathering data about your customer based on varieties of metrics set by […]

Analytics on Car Rentals – Making better decisions

Oh! It is 6PM. Got to get back home.  Clicks on Uber App -> Book the ride -> Off to take a ride.   How easy is booking the ride! Everyday there are new features, there are new statistics rolled out for user’s ease. How is data helping the car rental industry today?  Take a read.  Traditional Model Vs Analytics:  […]

Journey of a storyteller

Data Storytelling

Every organisation has its unique way of telling its story. It is crucial to have a story teller in your team. Data Viz is a popular way of representing the numbers, facts and figures of the organization which enables management to make some very important decisions for the business. Today, we have a lot of […]